Xbox’s June Games with Gold

June is almost upon us, and once again Xbox Live members will be getting their 4 free games for the month.
This month see’s $94.00 in free games with 142 possible achievements between the 4.

On the Xbox One side of things.  We’re getting Goat Simulator (available starting June 1st) & The Crew (available starting June 16th)
Goat Simulator The Crew
While I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Crew, the real story here is Goat Simulator.   I know your first thought as most likely everyone else’s is WTF,  however this game has become a cult hit for a reason.  Over the top Physics, Murder Goats, Explosions,  so much stuff to love in Goat Simulator, and Free, how can you beat that.

On the Xbox 360 side, we’re getting two highly exclaimed games, Super Meat Boy (Available June 1st) &  XCOM: Enemy Unknown. (Available June 16th)
XCOM: Enemy Unknow Super Meat Boy
Both games have got the highest praise, and if you haven’t played them yet, now is the time.

And remember All Games with Gold titles are only available for short amount of time (2 weeks from the start date for Xbox 360,  1 Month from the start date for Xbox One)  So get’em fast before they are gone.

June 2016 Games with Gold