Xbox One S & Windows 10 Anniversary both Arrive August 2nd.

Xbox One S

We’ve known about the Xbox One S since E3, but in traditional Microsoft flare, they gave us a vague release date in August 2016.  But as of this week, Major Nelson over with the Xbox Live crew, announced the official date is set for August 2nd,  just two weeks away from today.  If you’ve pre-ordered the XBox One S,  you will be able to pick the new console up from your respective retailer that day, or if you’ve ordered from Microsoft or Amazon, your XBox should be at your door set sometime August 2nd.

The Xbox One S will be Microsoft’s first 4k console, along with for the first time, an Xbox will have 2 terabytes built in (Although, you must purchase that model)  The 500GB and the 1tb models are still available in the Xbox One S, be it at a cheaper price. If you haven’t picked up an Xbox One yet,  the Xbox One S is a good jumping on point, also with a starting price on just $299.99 for the 500GB, so you can’t go wrong.    

Along with the release of the Xbox One S, Microsoft has also confirmed the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition will be available August 2nd as well. Bringing many new features and upgrading some current features to both your PC and the Xbox One. Biggest inclusion for Xbox owners though is the birth of Xbox PlayAnywhere.  While their has been some speculation that Microsoft is backpedaling on their Xbox PlayAnywhere support,  at this point all we know is the games that will be available,  and as of August 2nd the only two games you should expect to see are Killer Instinct and Ark: Survival Evolved, but more will be added in the Holiday season and the coming year.

You can check out the full preview and coming games list for PlayAnywhere here

And Below is the release trailer for the Xbox One S.