XBOX get it’s Social On with New Features Coming this Fall.

Xbox Live

Fall Update Makes Xbox More Social
Microsoft’s latest update, coming this fall, will make your Xbox Live experience more social.  Microsoft wants to unite gamers with like minded individuals, and make it easier to play and discuss games with the type of people you actually want to join up with.   To date, most of the gamers I’ve befriended across Xbox Live have always been either friends I already knew before hand, or random gamers I met while playing the FPS of the day.   Some of these gamers, became fast friends and have remained so until this day, however a few of these didn’t stick around, as well quite frankly, they we’re annoying as hell, but Microsoft wants to change that, by adding specific search, discussion, and social gaming features into the Xbox One.

The first feature is called Looking for Group.
Looking for group will allow you to search for like minded people across Xbox Live, be it by gender, age, interests.  Microsoft states they will have preset conditions you will be able to choose from, to find individuals that you would like to play with.   Are you female, tired of all the male chauvinists telling you to go make them a sandwich,  well using Looking for Group, you can search for just other women to play with.  Are you am older male, and tired of playing with pre-teens telling you they are going to (explicit removed)  your mother,  well set your age limit and remove that annoyance once and for all.  Looking for Group will basically allow you to filter out all those annoying gamers, that’s made you become that introvert to begin with.

shady nightclubs

You need me in you life
The next new feature is Clubs.
Clubs, like Looking for Group, allows you to stick with your new like minded friends.  Basically this is like joining a cult on Xbox Live, although a good cult, one full of puppies, kittens, and rainbows. You and you cult buddies can talk about whatever you like, Microsoft approved.  Some of these Shady “Night” Clubs might not be the kind of place your mother will approve of, but we all know your going to end up there anyway, and Microsoft won’t judge you.  So enjoy yourself with the new Clubs feature.  Clubs while coming to Xbox One, will also be updated in the Xbox Live app on Windows 10, so you’ll be able to speak with your cult brethren from any PC as well.

Kill Marcy Long

Marcy will get Hers, I swear it by the Old Gods and the New

The last new feature is Arena.
Arena is a place of mayhem, blood, and sweat.  You fight for your right to lead, in a battle to the death in Call of Duty, or ante up and fight the spawns of Hell with your cult brethren by your side in Doom, maybe you’ll even be able to finally kill Marcy Long. (oh, wrong arena, sorry). While not much is known at this point about arena, we do know it will be a place for global and localized tournaments.  EA is the first publisher to sign on for Arena plays, and I’m sure with EA signed on, we’ll see Battlefield 1 on-board with Arena drops this fall.