Warcraft: Harbingers Animated Shorts



Blizzard will be releasing the Harbingers Animated Shorts at San Diego Comic Con to tie in with World of Warcraft: Legion which releases on August 30th, These shorts will delve into the histories of some of Azeroth’s greatest heroes. Blizzard released a similar series of shorts, Lords of War, to tie in with the Warlords of Draenor release. I found those to be entertaining as i’m a big lore fan, and I imagine that Harbingers will be in the same vein as they were.

Here is the teaser trailer.

Legion will be World of Warcraft’s sixth expansion, and will continue the story where it left off in Warlords of Draenor. Old enemies will return and shake the very foundation of Azeroth as The Legion seeks to subjugate and conquer the world, and Illidan will play a part in the story to be told. Legion also brings the brand new hero class Demon Hunter, heroes channeling the demonic energies of The Legion and using it to fight them on their own level.