There Is Only War! Dawn of War III Announcement Today




In the  41st millennium there is only war! Today was a very special day indeed today marked the announcement of Dawn of War III. Sega teased this yesterday, and low today we have the announcement trailer.  This trailer is full of awesomeness and depicts a massive battle between three factions the Space Marines, the Orks and the Eldar. The big thing that everyone will notice in this trailer is the use of some of the larger units from the table top that has not been seen in a Dawn of War game yet. The Space Marines are using a smaller Titan called an Imperial Knight, Eldar seem to be using a Wraithknight, Orks seem to be using Deff-dreads.

Relic has been doing the Dawn of War series for over a decade now and this newest installment to the series seems to be the best of both 1 and 2.  Dawn of War 3 will have all of the base building aspects and upgrade able units that part one had and hero units and varying terrain that part two had. Well enough of me gushing about my love of this series if you haven’t seen the trailer check it out