The Sims 4 Remove All Gender Restrictions

Sims 4 Gender Restrictions Removed Update Rolls out.
In an announcement made yesterday by Sims Publisher EA and development team Maxis;  The Sims 4 will receive a free update that rolled out last night to anyone owning the Sims 4.  This update will remove all restrictions on genders.  Regardless of what gender you choose, you will be able to pick any clothing, jewelry, walk, voice tone or any of the 700 customization’s that were normally gender restricted.  

This is a big step in the right direction for the series.  The sims with each new game, tries to add more and more real life characteristics into it’s characters; and in a world full of transgender players, it just makes sense to add the ability to create a transgender character.   Making it free is an even better move, one that you wouldn’t normally see from publisher EA (who loves their paid DLCs).  

The Sims 4 has struggled in comparison to the previous Sims games in sales number, although millions of copies were sold, it never really lived up to the success of the previous generations. Adding this as a free update not only gives the game more dept, but could help the sales of the game, and help EA in their decision on whether to make a Sims 5 or not. The Sims 5 had been up in the air on when or if it would happen, as with The Sims 4 not doing as well as expected, leading Maxis and EA unsure if they should continue the line of games.  The Sims 4 while not the success of the previous games, (The Sims 2 being one of the top selling games of all time) still has a rabid fan base, and adding updates such as this one could help to turn the franchise around. 

You can view the full announcement on The Sims site here, and view the Update Trailer Below.