This week Nintendo released some specs on the Classic Mini NES. This answers some of the questions that have been plaguing  my mind. So here goes

  • No expandable memory, Nintendo described the Classic Mini NES as a standalone device it will not have a hookup or ability to connect to any external storage devices.
  • 30 games only, Nintendo has stated that “The 30 games included with the system were chosen to provide a wide variety of top-quality, long-lasting gameplay experiences,” They have no plans of doing any more games for the system and since it has no capability to play the cartridges and can not connect an external storage device this means no other games.
  • Permanent save points, That’s right one of the most grueling trials that some of the games on the NES is that there was no save options, sure there may have been passwords but if you got it wrong you were screwed. Nintendo has said the games will have permanent save points and instant temp saves as well.
  • Different visual modes, The Classic Mini will offer a couple of different visual modes one being, of course, the HD setting that gives standard HD-resolution output. The other is very interesting to me  it will simulate the look of the game as you would experience it on an old CRT television. It will also have a 4:3 mode and a pixel-perfect mode where every pixel is a perfect square.