The GeekKnight Podcast – Ep 4 – Juggalos or Jokers


The Geekknight Podcast – Episode 4
Juggalos or Jokers – Show Notes

  1. Doom
    Released,  May, Friday 13th
  2. Fallout 4 : Far Habour
    Largest map ever created by Bethesda
    New settlements & Companions
  3. Overwatch
    releases Tuesday
    Beta had more most users if any beta ever 9.7 million
  4. Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower released
  5. Games Workshop opens 100th store
    Special event planned
    Special edition Space Marine Available
    Special Edition 100 Pin Available
  6. Warcraft Movie
    Each movie goer gets a free copy of WoW (Only at participating regal theaters, united artists or edwards theaters) anyone who logs into their wow accounts from may 25th to august 1st get transmog items both horde and alliance.
  7. Geoff Johns put in charge of DC cinematic universe
  8. X-files season 11 confirmed
    All actors signed on
    Will not be able to start filming until actors are done with projects.