The Dark Crystal Review

  • Visuals
  • Plot
  • Acting

The Dark Crystal, I know you’ve seen this movie, if you haven’t, you don’t know what you’ve been missing, it’s one of the most brilliant pieces of animated film footage to ever be shot, and coming from an animation lover like myself, that’s saying something. 

One thousand years ago, the world was a very peacefully place, everyone lived in harmony, but once every thousand years the Great Conjunction takes place, a time when all the stars and planets in the Heavens are in sort of a eclipse of one another. During this event, great or terrible things can happen, unluckily for the time the movie is set, its not very good this time around.  The Crystal that all the world draws it’s power from, cracks and a crystal shard is lost. BUT, there is a prophecy, the shard will be recovered and the crystal will be Dark no more, and the world will return to it’s former glory. However in the rulers of this new dark world, the Skeksis, want no part of the crystal being healed, and thus want to stop the prophecy.

How does it sound so far, it’s good I know, that’s what your saying to yourself right now. You can take my word for it, this movie, which is a Jim Henson creation, is absolutely one of greatest puppetry exhibits ever. The world is brilliant, and the puppets are so lifelike its almost like Henson summoned these strange beast from some other dimension. Worlds like these is just now being able to be created with advanced 3D animation techniques, but Jim Henson pulled it off over 30 years ago, with nothing but scale models, life-size puppets, and beautiful set designs. Jim Henson and Brian Fraud should be applauded for their contribution to the animation history.

End Result. Perfect Movie, A must Watch. 5 Stars