Swimming Robot Eel for Underwater Repairs seems creepily like the beginning of the Matrix

eelumeTwo companies have Statoil and Eelume have teamed up to create a swimming robot that will help with undersea maintenance and repairs. Eelume, is a spin off company of NTNU, already has 10 years experience in creating swimming robots, and in partnership with Statoil (a very large energy corporation, operating in over 30 countries) is looking to bring it’s technology to the masses.

The Robot which looks like some some kind of creepy eel, one would expect to be found swimming around the oceans in the movie The Matrix, will actually be quite useful and help reduce the cost of undersea repairs dramatically.

With that said, we won’t be seeing much of these little guys, as they will be permanently attached to the bottom of the ocean, and only come out with needed.  Eelume and Statoil have already signed a deal with Kongsberg Maritime to produce these the swimming robots, so it won’t be far off before these guys will be swimming around an ocean near you.

Below are images of the eelume out of water, so you can get an idea of just how big these creepy guys are.

Eelume Out of Water 1Eelume Out of Water 2


You can check out video of these creepy little fellows below.