Stephen King’s IT Looks Creepy as Hell with Pennywise Revealed.

Many of you may remember Stephen King’s IT, from the TV mini-series from the 90s starring none other than John Boy Walton himself Richard Thomas, Nightcourt famed Harry Anderson, 3 Company star John Ritter, SeaQuest’s Johnathan Brandis, that Joker Seth Green, and the sweet transvestite Tim Curry as Pennywise, it was quite an all-star cast really, although the min-series didn’t live up to King’s novel, it was still quite well received, and loved to this day by many fans.

Well it’s getting a remake, this time going for an R-rating with a closer adaptation to the Stephen King novel of the same name.  The book will be split up into two movies, telling the story of the losers club and their fight against an evil in their town that’s kidnapping children.  The movies will star two actors that Netflix subscribers will know quite well.   Finn Wolfhard will take on the Role of Richie, fresh off the wonderful first season of Stranger Things, and Bill Skarsgard is taking over the role of Pennywise the clown,  you will know him from the hit Netflix series Hemlock Grove.

The director Andrés Muschietti has been leaking images from the film for a few months now on his Twitter & Instagram accounts, and now Entertainment weekly has given us our first real look at the interdimensional demon clown Pennywise.  I’ve compiled the images in a gallery below for you enjoyment.  From the images we’ve seen so far, we are expecting a much darker, much more of a horror and gore film than it’s predecessor, and we don’t have long to wait, as the first film is scheduled for release in September of 2017.