Sony unveils the PS4 Pro, but should you care?

Sony held a Playstation conference today were they showed off the high anticipated PS4 Neo (as it was known in its early days) now known as PS4 Pro. While I’d like to say Sony’s new console got me excited, I’d be lying if I did.  While the new console definitely has a power increase,  over 200% actually,  the new GPU is running at 4.20 teraflops, where as the original PS4 ran at 1.88 teraflops.  The PS4 Pro is of course running at 4k, and Sony showed off a few gameplays during their event today of a new SpiderMan game, the new Mass Effect, and below you’ll see a screenshot of Horizon Zero Dawn in glorious 4K.


The biggest problem I’m finding with the new PS4 is no Bluray 4k,  quite a few people were actually looking forward to this, and had high hopes that since Sony created Bluray, they would release the best of all 4K Bluray options to the world, but no dice on this iteration of the PS4, it still has the High HD Blueray.  I’m not actually one of those people, as I think physical media is dead, but not including it really dashes the hopes of the collectors out there, that still want physical media and need the best possible resolution in their films.

Another problem is if you’re not running a 4K TV, Sony states you’ll probably won’t see any difference at all,  while this may not be true, as we saw with Xbox One S,  once people actually got their hands on it, and ran some benchmarks we did actually see quite a bit of graphical improvements, at least in framerates, but Sony is basically saying this isn’t a console you need, unless you have 4K TV or you plan on getting Playstation VR. 

Below is the specs for PS4 Pro

While I’m a bit underwhelmed by the new console, I can’t say it’s a bad machine, it definitely has the horsepower behind it to be a welcomed upgrade.  I would just have liked to see more of a step forward, and gave even HD gamers a good increase for their money.  The PS4 Pro launches on November 10th, 2016, for $399.    If you don’t own a PS4 yet, or you’re needing to add a second or even third PS4 to our home, the PS4 Pro is the way to go.

I’m including a gallery of all the images Sony has released for the new PS4 Pro.