Skyrim Remasterd, and 3 New Fallout 4 Addons


Well the Rumors were true,  Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is getting a remaster, and it’s coming to consoles in October of this year.   The game looks better than ever with completely redone textures, changing the graphics to a truly next gen experience.  Also, just like Bethesda recently did with Fallout 4, Skyrim Special Edition will include mods on consoles, and with the extensive backlog of mods created for Skyrim already, looks like console owners will have thousands of hours of playtime with the new remaster.

Bethesda also announced 3 new add-on for the popular Fallout 4.  Contraptions, Vaults,and Vacation.  The first two Add on’s will give fallout new settlement building; including creating your own vaults and creating all new machines in your settlements.  The last will take you on a vacation to NukaWorld.  An apparent old world theme park, that from the look of it, is now a large settlement, with hopefully tons of new NPCs and quest.