Sega Saturn DRM Cracked, and It only took 20 years.

The good people over at debuglive took an in depth look at Dr. Abrasive’s new crack for the DRM in Sega’s 32 bit console, release 20 years ago now.  The Sega Saturn, for those youngsters out there, was Sega’s gaming console that waged war with the original PlayStation and the Nintendo 64.  While the console wasn’t really on the winning side by any means of that generation, it certainly held a special place in many peoples hearts, even to this day.

Sega, who’s last console, the Sega Dreamcast, was cracked almost immediately, seems unlikely that it took so long to crack the previous generations console, but because of a unique CD pattern, that’s exactly what has occurred.

Anyway, just check out the full video below; show Dr. Abrasive some love over on twitter @Prof_Abrasive and don’t forget keep checking out debuglive for more good stuff