Roland’s Top 10 :NES Classics


So being a child that had the fortune of growing up with the original Nintendo Entertainment System or more commonly known as the NES. I have been thinking since there is such a resurgence of interest in the system and the games with Nintendos latest news of the Classic, that I would recount my favorite NES games.

10. Ninja Gaiden 1-2-3 . The reason this series made the top 10 was its story, its a sci-fi story line with ninjas and government cover-ups, and it’s crazy challenging.

9. Super C. OK really simple think of what you love about Contra but with better graphics and sound.

8.ShadowGate. ShadowGate struck me as just plain original

7. Gauntlet II. Love the Gauntlet series best dungeon crawling arcade port on the console

6. Punchout. Great graphics and sound and controls a lot of replay value.

5.Super Mario Bros. 1-2-3. Some of the best graphics and controls one of the best platformers of the console.

4. Castlevania 1-2-3. Great graphics and sound, original story and very challenging

3. Metroid, Simple challenging, very original design and best end reveal .

2. Zelda 1-2 Great RPG elements for both, and very innovative for both games. Awesome graphics and very rememberable sound track.

1. Mega Man 1-2-3. This is hands down my favorite platformer series due to its story, graphics, and holy crap amazing sound track! The first three games of the series are to me the most challengeing.  In my opinion ,it felt like 4-6 seemed to be repetitive and lack luster chasing after the success of the first 3.

Now I know I cheated and I listed extra games but since they were all part of the same series and well, to be honest I couldn’t just pick one.