Roland’s Picks For Best Unknown NES Games (Pt2)

So we all know the top hits of the classic NES but what about those hidden gems that no one really talks about? Today I am going to go through my collection and games that I have played ,list what I think are some of the best unknown or lesser talked about games for the NES that hopefully won’t break your wallet if you decide to purchase them. So my picks are as follows.


We are gonna get things started off right with this instalment. Probably the only game that was done by Ljn that could ever be considered good. The Punisher was a fun game in my honest opinion. The Punisher is s simple auto side-scrolling shooter. You play as The Punisher moving from left to right in the foreground and control cross hairs  in the background causing mass amounts of collateral damage. It’s basically all about shooting everything on the screen that moves, just like Frank would. Stoy line seems straight forward go out and kill Kingpin and his buddies. Since it’s a little difficult to explain I’ll just post a link to a video of gameplay.  You can get this gem for around 20.00 for cartridge only on eBay.


Next, up we have this little oddball called Magician released in February 1991, designed by Eurocom Entertainment Software and published by Taxan, something I learned while writing this article is this is the last game that Taxan ever published. This game is a side-scrolling adventure RPG, coincidentally this is the game that got me back into retro gaming. I remember the first time I came across this game as a child, taking a chance on it when the local video store in my small town was selling NES games it was cheap so why not.  At first, I was not that impressed with it, but soon I was captivated by it due to the fact you have to monitor your food and water consumption one of the first RPGs that I had seen that used that. You also could get spells by using the rune system the game has built in, once you get the hang of it but beware if you cast an “unknown” spell it can cause instant death. The main character’s name is Paul as you go through the game you level up in rank as a magician and increase your spells power and your mana pool as well.

The story of the game is an evil magician named Abadon was able to use his power to summon groups of evil beasts, and then built a castle for himself. He then sent out his followers to rid the peace-loving land of Merlwood of its most powerful wizards, a task that was accomplished with ease. While this was going on, a young man named Paul, an apprentice magician who lives in the land of Serenna, is preparing to go on a quest to travel across the land to learn all of the secrets from the ancient masters. However, he hears of the purging of wizards by Abadon, and instead sets out as the last wizard alive to defeat Abadon.

Now this game seems to be on the rise in price on eBay it seems to be running from $17.00 – $30.00 USD.



G.I. Joe A Real American Hero is a 1991 run and gun game published by Taxan for the NES based on the popular toy line of the same name. You control of a team of three G.I. Joe characters, each with his own specialty. the goal of the game is to navigate through six stages on a mission to finally bring down Cobra. The initial character roster consists of Duke, Snake Eyes, Blizzard, Captain Grid-Iron, and Rock ‘n Roll. A sixth character will become available on the final stage, General Hawk. The player’s first character is automatically assigned depending on the stage, while the second and third characters are freely chosen. As the game progresses, you collect power-ups for your guns, stamina, health.Each stage is broken up into three different segments: In the first segment, the player’s team would fight their way into one of Cobra’s bases. After penetrating the base, the player’s team must plant a certain amount of bombs inside the base before time runs out. Afterward, the player must fight against the base’s commander.

The story is simple, travel the world shutting down Cobra bases and finally put an end to Cobra Commander.

Now this game is raising in price as well it seems on the eBay market is trending for about $40.00 USD


This gem is an absolute blast Tradewest published this game in 1988. One of the fun things about this game it is one of the only 4 player games for the system, only if you had the 4 score. But man is this game fun, good controls, and good graphics. As the game progresses you race across eight different tracks gathering cash and between races upgrading your truck. The simple concept did very well. eBay listing has this game around $10.00 USD.