Reckon The Number


I’ve been a lifelong Iron Maiden fan, their music has been a big influence on me in general, their music has inspired generations of fans and countless musicians and artists, hell even Lady GaGa is a fan! Now i’m sure that people that saw the announcements for the game while it was being developed were probably thinking “Well this probably won’t be that good of a game, I mean it’s based on a band.” I didn’t lose any faith, I had a feeling that since Bruce and the boys were involved with the development that the game would turn out well. And anyone doubting that there would be a lack of quality to the game is sorely mistaken.

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast was released yesterday, happened to be the same day Pokemon Go was released as well, and let me say it clearly.

“This game is fucking awesome.”


This is a free-to-play RPG style game mobile game for both Android and IOS, it’s similar to other turn based RPG games, and has resources for battles. While that may seem rather ordinary, the style of the game and the overall production quality of it is top notch. The game is steeped in music, lore, and lyrics of Iron Maiden’s extensive career. Now the game is completely free-to-play but does have the added option of purchasing currencies in game to help speed along character growth and get new ones, but you aren’t pressured to buy any of them and can unlock everything normally.

Eddie’s Eternal Soul is splintered, and you must reclaim your power from the past, present, and future as it is scattered across space and time. You get to use different incarnations of himself from various time-streams, and can swap between them in battle. Along with actually using powers of the past or future to aid you for your current incarnation. It’s a pretty badass concept, and I’ve played in tabletop RPG games where similar concepts were incorporated, and its awesome seeing it applied to a being like Eddie.

If you’re a fan of Iron Maiden, or Metal in general, or just an avid RPG player definitely check this game out.