Punch Out, still has secrets to find 30 years later.

Mike Tyson's Punch Out!
Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! will have been out 30 years come 2017, but that doesn’t mean everything in the game has been discovered.  Recently midwesternhousewives over on Youtube, uploaded a video showing us Punch Out! still had one more punch up its sleeve, that being visual clues to the fabled one punch KOs for Piston Honda, and Bald Bull.   While Bald Bull has always pretty much telegraphed his ending. Piston Honda’s one hit KO was harder to read.  However thanks to midwesternhousewives, we now will always know the exact moment to knock that sucker out.
Bearded Guy

Bearded Guy, You Make Me Sick!

The Bearded Guy in the lower left-hand side of the crowd gives a tell, whenever the time is right to knock these two fighters out.  He basically nods to you, letting you know to knock that SOB for a loop right now, and if you do it when he nods, well, lights are out permanently for both Honda and Bull.  In all honesty, now that I’ve seen this, it seems like nod right out of Diggstowns (If you haven’t watched Diggstown, go do it now.)   Maybe Honda and Bull are just throwing the fight.  It’s not a 1 punch knockout, but a fake out, to throw the fight.  You just have to throw the right punch, so they can lay down for you.   Maybe the whole game, they are just laying down for this little white boy.  I suspect a lot of money in changing hands in that audience. 

With that said, if you look at the images, I’ve posted below, you can see exactly where the bearded gentleman is located in the crowd.

Beard Guy, Mikes Tyson's Punch Out! Easter Egg

Bearded Guys location in crowd

Below is the full video, where midwesternhousewives gives full details on when to spot the tell.