Prince Passes Away at 57

RIP Prince
We here at Geekknight are sad to announce that Prince has passed away at 57 year old.
Prince Rogers Nelson was found unresponsive at his studio in Minnesota, on Thursday, April 21st 2016.

CPR was preformed on the artist, but at 10:07am, he was pronounced dead,  an autopsy is being conducted today, Friday, April 22nd 2016 to determine the artist exact cause of death.

Fans from around the world have came together to morn the artist, and we at Geekknight share their pain.
You arguably make the statement that Prince was an artist that defined the 1980’s, a generation of fans grew up with the artist, and have shared life experience with Prince’s music as the backdrop to their lives.  This is truly a sad day.

Rest in Peace Prince,  you will be missed.