Pokemon Go: First Impressions





So this week we got to see the release of one of the largest awaited mobile apps ever, Pokemon Go. What I have experienced is probably one of the fun mobile games in years, and I am not that much of a fan of Pokemon. So far I have only gotten one Squirtle due to the massive server crashes. I just so happened to load the app up while at the bosses house to demo it to him and found a Squirtle in their kitchen.

The game is classified as an augment reality game app that uses your phone’s GPS to triangulate where you are and Pokemon will be populated near you, depending on where you are will depend on the type of Pokemon that you will find. The app is free and supports in-game purchases of course. Now when you get near a Pokemon you will get a notification  to search the area using the phone’s camera to display the Pokemon . The game is designed for you to capture, battle, train, and trade Pokémon who appear throughout the world. To train you Pokemon you will need to go around your town and find a gym once you have found said gym you can lodge your Pokemon there and you will gain control of that gym and be able to use it.

But sadly that’s a far as my experiences go, due to the servers crumbling under the stress of so many users trying to gain access to the app. Or the GPS error I commonly get with this app, Be forewarned my friends if you plan on catching them all your gonna need a big battery cause as one would imagine this app is a huge battery hog, also as of now they only have to first generation Pokemon. I can only assume that more will follow.