Pokemon Go: Are We Ready?


Poke'Mon Go - Are We Ready?

Pokemon Go has been out for a little under a week now, and already social media is flooded with pictures and new stories of mishaps of people’s adventures. Augment reality games are still in their infancy, so the question that is on my mind is simple; are we ready for these type of games? We’ve already seen people finding dead bodies during their search, criminals using the app to set up armed robberies, and people just getting physical injuries from not paying attention to their surroundings. We even had a gentleman trying to catch them all, while his wife gave birth to their child. Cops have had to tell people not to come into the station just to collect their Pokemon, some businesses have had to post signs that Pokemon is for paying customers only, and at least 1 family has had their house overrun by people, thanks to being labeled a Gym in Poke’Mon Go.  It seems everyone has caught the Pokemon Go fever and put common sense aside.

Worst of all, people are driving while playing Poke’mon go,  various states have already gone on the defensive, putting up signs and running ads stating Don’t Drive & Poke’Mon Go. I am just waiting for the fake click bait article of the massive interstate pileup due to a player stopping in traffic to catch a Pikachu to become a reality. To be honest, this isn’t the first time games have gotten a bad rap over a few select players.  D&D got a really bad rap for being a corrupter of the youth and leading people down the path of the Devil. White Wolf’s Vampire the Masquerade got a bad rap after Rod Ferrell committed the double slaying of a couple from  Eustis, Florida. Even the most beloved MMO of all time, World of Warcraft, was under a lot of criticism at one point.

But all, in all I just want to say to all the Pokemon Go players have fun, enjoy your game, be responsible, and aware of your surroundings.  Hey, at least, people are getting exercise from all this, so no matter your opinion on Poke’Mon Go, it is bringing about some socially good changes.

If by the off chance you haven’t played or heard of Poke’Mon Go yet (are you living under a rock)
It’s available NOW for iOS and Android devices.

You can view the trailer below.