Playstation Plus Free Games Coming for October 2016

The good folks over at the PlayStation blog has given us a preview of the free games coming to PlayStation Plus for October 2016.

First up is PS4, with the HD remaster, of the GameCube remake of the classic PlayStation One title Resident Evil (That’s a Mouthful, Huh), and next the title is the first true to form Generation One Transformers game to be released in 20 years, Transformers: Devastation.













Next up is the PS3,  PlayStation Plus will also be bringing two free titles to the PS3 as well in Mad Riders a Ubisoft ATV racing game, and From Dusk, a God Game, where you are the God of Nature and you control the land.












Lastly the PS Vita, The two titles for the Vita are Code: Realize ~ Guardian of Rebirth ~,  which isn’t technically a game, but a visual novel, although amongst the VN fans, has seen good to perfect reviews across the board, and lastly Actual Sunlight, probably the most real gaming experience you will ever play, as you play an overweight, depressed individual that hates his life.