Perfected Doom 3 version 7 Released


With the new Doom being released, everyone’s back on Mars battling demons from Hell. But before Doom (2016) got released, many fans of the series had enjoyed many hours on previous game incarnations, and a few fans where not happy with just playing the games. Thus, Perfected Doom 3 was born. The project started out simple enough;  fixing some of the more annoying problems and issues with Doom 3, but after years of development the Perfected Doom 3 team, has turned Doom 3 into a work of art.

Adding new features, new gameplay, upgrading graphics, new monsters, re-balanced stats, just an all around overhaul was done that has changed the game for the better. On July 8th the PD3 team released their latest version of the mod, and if you haven’t played Doom 3 before, or are just ready for a blast from the past. I highly recommend giving Perfected Doom 3 a try.  

Follow this Link to download the Mod
And check out the PD3 V7 Trailer below, and keep checking back with for more Gaming News.