Niantic will beging Unbanning certain Pokemon Go players.


Earlier this month, Niantic started handing out bans like candy on a street corner to any Pokemon Go player using a third app to access Pokemon Go.  While this wasn’t a horrible idea, as the servers were so bogged down, many players spent the majority of their time just trying to login.  However Niantic has had a change of heart, and decided they banned some users unfairly.

The development studio states they understand, some players did not know what they were doing was against the TOS, nor did they see any harm, as they were just trying to figure out where the Pokemon are.  This was especially frustrating as Niantic’s own app was unable to help you locate any Pokemon, other than just guessing.  Niantic has took this into consideration, and will start removing bans on certain such players, however players that used apps for GPS spoofing will stay banned.  Niantic also made sure to to point out, continuing to use such apps after being unbanned would result in a complete permanent ban.


All gamers will not have their ban lifted, but the few that do will have a second chance at Pokemon Go, which if the recent numbers are any inclination, Niantic needs, as over 15 million fewer people play Pokemon Go, than did in the month of July.  This is understandable however, considering the newness has worn off the app after being out a couple months, also the real glaring problems with the app, and the gameplay has put many gamers off (myself included).  Niantic has promised new features and gameplay are coming shortly, so maybe they can redeem themselves and finally deliver a real finished product, any Pokemon fan can enjoy.