New Trailer for Resident Evil 7; Actually makes us interested in the Resident Evil Franchise Again!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Yesterday, Capcom dropped it’s new trailer for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, unlike other games in the series, RE7 appears to be adopting more of a survival horror type gameplay, giving us something closer to an Amnesia or even a Silent Hill, than most of the other entries in the Resident Evil franchise.  The trailer that dropped yesterday at Gamescom dubbed Lantern shows gameplay, where as instead of RE’s normal run and gun, you need to get away from a lady chasing you carrying a lantern (Thus the trailer name).

While many of the die hard RE fans are upset about that recent turn of events, we here at GeekKnight are actually excited.  Resident Evil had started to feel quite stale after all these years.  While the original was absolutely great, and then with RE4 the game reinvented itself, creating arguably the best game in the series, since then it’s just seemed to start fizzling out and fading out.  RE7 may change that though, and with the market flooded with games like Outlast, Amnesia and even the SH PT demo, Resident Evil needs something to make it actually relevant again.

Check out the trailer below and give us your opinion on it.