Microsoft Reveals The Xbox One S

Xbox One S

At today’s E3 showcase, Microsoft showed off it’s newest Xbox One.  A slimmed down version of the previous Xbox One with a few new features called the Xbox One S.

Firstly you will notice the color, Microsoft is steering away from the standard black to a very Apple-ish looking white color, they are calling Robot White.  Secondly, the Xbox One S is 40% smaller than the Xbox One’s currently in production.  The S has moved 1 USB port to the front for easier access, along with the controller connect button.   Microsoft has also added 4k output to the new XBOS (Which I kinda like that,  XBOS,  so from here on out I will refer to it as such.)   The XBOS will also have HDR capabilities for both gaming and video, making the new console more powerful, even at the smaller statue.  

The new XBOS will also up the ante on internal hard drive size.  While the standard 500 GB and 1 TB will still be available, Microsoft will also begin to offer a 2 TB model.   The power supply will also be built inside the console from now on, so goodbye huge power brick.

The controller has also been revamped;  the new controller will now feature Bluetooth built in, so it can be used on a Windows PC without the need for charging cable or a separate wireless adapter.  Microsoft has also stated this will increase the range of the controller. Lastly, the new controller will feature a texture grip on the holding pads for a better grip when you’re in those intense gaming sessions.

While quite a bit has been added to the XBOS,  1 feature has been taken away.  While this is no real surprise;  the Kinect port has been eliminated from the new console.  However, for those still wishing to use a Kinect, the new console is still capable, but will require a USB adapter for such.  Microsoft also went on record stating if you are upgrading from a previous version of the X-Box One to the new XBOS,  they will have a program in place to allow you to acquire a USB adapter for your Kinect at no charge. 

The New Xbox One S will be available in early August,  starting out at $299 for the 500 GB model,  $349 for the 1 TB model and $399 for the 2 TB model.  

You can watch the full reveal trailer below.
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