Mega Man 2: The Blue Bomber Turns 27



With the passing of last week, I had just realized that a game I hold dear to my heart has turned 27. June 11th ,1989 marked the release of what could be considered by many as one of the best games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game was a groundbreaker , with cutting edge graphics amazing control and one of the best soundtracks of the series and of the system. This game was called Mega Man 2

I remember the first time that I had laid eyes on that game at a friend’s house, and picked up the controller and I never looked back. I was hooked, it’s been over two decades and I can still remember that feeling and the very first stage I selected, Flashman’s stage, still to this day I will occasionally get the music stuck in my head.

If you have never experienced this game I urge you to find the time to do yourself a favor and sit down with this classic and revel in the glory of one of the best-selling sequels of the franchise totaling 1.5 million copies sold.