Mass Effect: Andromeda – What we’ve learnt since E3.

We’ve had a small bit of information come out since E3 about the new game in the Mass Effect series; Mass Effect: Andromeda.  Firstly, we found out the main character will be female by default. Although with that said, it’s still going to be the standard play as you want style of BioWare, where the player can choose sex/name/appearance/background, etc..  However, unlike the original trilogy, the default character you’ll be seeing everywhere will be female.   I’m including the reveal trailer from E3 of this character below, and a quick screen of her below as well.
Mass Effect: Andromeda Default Female Character

But recently BioWare has gave us a tad bit of new information about the story as well, 4 New Mass Effect novels are coming, and these will serve as official cannon, being Sequels/Prequels to tell us what happened between the events of the first 3 games and the new game.   This information, while not entirely revealing, does let us know, that Mass Effect Andromeda will definitely take place sometime after the events of the first 3 games.  Which most likely means, you won’t be seeing any of Commander Sheppard in the new game,  although, I would imagine,  you will get some kind of throwback to the original trilogy.

The Game has also been pushed back, originally scheduled for a late 2016 release date, the game has been pushed back to early 2017 now, as the developers wanted extra time to make sure the game would give us the Mass Effect experience we expect and deserve.  On a personal note, I’m quite glad about this, as the Holiday season is a busy time for games, and it starts dying down in early months of the year, and If we say Andromeda comes out around February of 2017, should give me the countless hours I’ll need to thoroughly enjoy the game.

Anyway, you can view the E3 trailer below,  and keep checking back with for more BioWare and Mass Effect News.