Leveling Tips for New Trainers in Pokemon Go


So I figured i’d compile a list of tips to help new players level up a little faster and help for when they start getting to Level 15+

  • Save your stardust
    • I know it’s fun to level up and make your Pokemon more powerful but you’ll want to save your stardust for when it matters, and can provide invaluable for getting some decent CP Pokemon in your teens.
  • Don’t evolve anything right away.
    • You should work on just capturing wild Pokemon in your first 10 levels or so, just capture them and save them for an evolving rush, those Rattatas and Pidgeys will come in handy when you want to knock out a bunch of levels at once.
  • Hit every Pokestop you can, or find a good centralized area of them and grind them.
    • You’ll want to harvest these nodes as much as you can, if you have lures and incense use those to help bring in more Pokemon to capture.
  • Save your Lucky Eggs.
    • Don’t use these till you have enough Pokemon to evolve for close to half an hour or so, then activate it. I’d wait till at least level 10, maybe 12 to use this and going on an evolving streak.
  • Avoid Gyms, for the most part
    • Honestly I don’t find gyms to be that effective for grinding experience, you could make an optimal run to train against if enough people put in Pokemon at lower CP to clear your way through, but it’s still less effective I feel than just using Lures at Pokestops.

I hope these tips help, I followed them for the most part and went from level 1-15 in three days. If you’ve got any questions leave a comment here or on twitter, can find me there as Se7enDarks as well.


Happy Hunting Trainers!