Legion: Sights From Around The Broken Isles (Part 2)

So in my adventuring around the Broken Isles, I’ve encountered a bunch of Easter Eggs and cool sights just in general. Wanted to share some of them!

Charlie the Unicorn

Charlie the Unicorn


So I encountered this poor slain beast with two other evil Unicorns that had harvested his kidneys after going through a portal to find this area, I gotta admit I laughed after the fight and realized what it was. If you haven’t seen the Charlie the Unicorn videos you can find them on Youtube and are worth a watch.

Great Eagle

Great Eagle

I found the flightpath to Mordor!

I thought this place was pretty cool, you had to use the grappling gun to get to, and had a nest of a Great Eagle on it. This is in Stormheim, which is my favorite zone, I love the story here and the whole Vrykul lore.

The Rainbow (in the dark) Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

Humanity won’t save us at the speed of light…

This bridge is in Halls of Valor and leads to Odyn, after you complete his trials you get to have audience with him, I love this dungeon and it’s my favorite of the ones I’ve done so far.

The Ferryman

The Ferryman

Payment for passage? I think i’ll pay the Iron Price.

Maw of Souls is another of the Stormheim themed dungeons and is the realm of Hel, where she keeps all the unworthy souls of the slain. Harbaron the Ferryman is a fun fight, and just lore wise very well suited and placed for the zone. Growing up I was a huge Greek Mythology fan and Charon I found extremely interesting.

An Old Enemy Returns…

Ambassador D'vwinn

See the face of your true enemy…

This Easter Egg for me was the best I’ve found so far, clearly referencing Ambassador Dvinn from EverQuest, it appears this old enemy has returned with a new guise(of the deceiver?). I found him in Suramar city surrounded by worshipers, I wasn’t able to kill him, but I intend to go back and have a conversation with him for sure. For those that didn’t play EverQuest, which is most i’d suspect these days, Ambassador Dvinn in EQ was a Dark Elf who was counseling the Orcs of Clan Crushbone, and was a deadly foe, often slaying lower level groups of plays in the area who were trying to level or get loot.

Assault on The Exodar

Death of Light

I…I just died in your arms tonight…

So The Exodar comes under assault of The Legion, and is part of the main questline involving Light’s Heart, I wasn’t a huge fan of this scenario it felt more like a chore to do than anything else, once you get to the last part of it though it is a lot better. I don’t want to spoil anything incase someone hasn’t yet done this part but it’s pretty epic, and make sure to stay after the fight to see Velen talk.

As of right now i’m finishing up my order hall campaign and working on the Suramar questline, i’ll be posting about both of those in upcoming articles and share my thoughts on them. Overall though I am really enjoying this expansion so far, and with raids and world bosses coming out soon there will be even more to do.

Till next time!