Legion: Outlaw Gentlemen and Subtlety Ladies (Part 1)

So Legion went live at 3am EST on Tuesday morning, It was the smoothest transition and launch of any expansion to an MMO I’ve played, I didn’t experience any server instability or weird bugs preventing me from playing, and best of all no insane que times that happened when WoD was released. I ended up sidelining my Demon Hunter and instead dusting off my old Rogue, who hasn’t really seen any consistent play since vanilla, I spent the better part of Sunday leveling him up to 100 via the Invasions and then waited for launch.

Being online when Legion went live was awesome, you got to see the cutscene of Khadgar teleporting Dalaran to the Broken Shores, which was pretty awesome. As soon as I stepped into Dalaran, a messenger contacted me, and I was requested to meet The Uncrowned, a shadowy organization bent on manipulating events in the world, Illuminati Confirmed! So after going and heading into the secret lair of The Uncrowned, which is a literal rogues gallery of famous and infamous rogues of Azeroth, I had a brief meeting, decided upon which artifact I wanted to start with, The Dreadblades since i’m Outlaw, and went off to claim my artifact.

The quest to get the Dreadblades was pretty cool, and you use a bunch of your abilities to reach the current wielder of the blades and a negotiate a friendly trade for them, Sadly she was rather attached to them and didn’t want to give them up, so I had to pry them from her cold undead(?) hands.



Pool of swirling blood sold separately

So I got my blades and then headed back to where everyone knew my name, no not Cheers, and then had a wonderful meeting with an old friend!


Damnit Vanessa, I told you that the wine had gone bad.


You’ve got some explaining to do Ms. VanCleef


Now what did you learn?

After catching up with Vanessa, we become besties and then head off into the wilds of the Broken Shores to find a way to stop The Legion, what could possibly go wrong? Well a lot can actually. But so far i’ve reached level 110 and begun my world quests, i’ll be going over my time in the various new zones and my impressions of them as well in my next articles. Overall I really enjoy Legion, it’s engaging and you feel a sense of urgency as things escalate in the story as you play, the way quests rewards and loot is handled in general is a major improvement and this may very well end up being WoW’s best expansion, but I don’t want to say it quite yet, have to see how the raids are and how the content patches play out.

Till next time! May your blades never dull.