Legion: Hidden World Boss And Random Sights (Part 3)

So the last week or so has been a busy one both ingame and out, I ended up leveling my Demon Hunter to 110 and finishing her Class Hall Campaign, I leveled as vengeance since for world questing and killing it feels like you’re indestructible. And with the double jump and glide I get to explore a lot more than just stealthing around like on my rogue.  I ran across all sorts of random and cool things in my latest travels.

Screaming Dead Horse


Besides an awesome name for a band, I ran across this weird dread horse that was in a pose of screaming, it’s one of the most metal sights to see in the isles. I found this in Azsuna, I don’t rember exactly where but I think there were basilisks involved.

Ghost Moose: The Reckoning


So this guy is one of the Spirit Beasts that hunters love to tame, I found him in Stormheim hanging out with his goat buddies. Suffice to say I killed him, and got some sick vendor trash 25g grey item. He’s on a short respawn timer like most rares from what I understand so he isn’t too difficult to camp, getting to him is a lot easier with a glider. You can find him south of Halls of Valor in Stormheim at the very bottom of the island on a raised area.

Kosumoth the Hungering


This rare spawn rewards a special mount or pet each week which is a world quest, to be eligible for loot from him you have to complete a kinda lengthy quest of finding orbs around the Broken Isle. He spawns down in the Eye of Azshara outside zone, he isn’t too difficult to kill. I would say look up the guide for finding all the orbs for him, I haven’t had time to do one myself yet. I do recommend bringing a water breathing potion or item, and a swimming mount if you have it.

This Picnic is a Nightmare

So I randomly found this romantic picnic setup next to the Temple of Elune in Val’Sharah, it’s in a hidden little area nestled away. I guess it’s never to late to add some romance to your relationship, even if the Emerald Dream is being corrupted by Xavius and the Legion is assaulting Azeroth.

I’m really enjoying the world quests still and look forward to the raids opening up in a few days. I’ve already got my Demon Hunter and Rogue over ilvl 840 so they are ready, but then again I already was ready for raiding…


Being the High King of Skyrim after all.