Kickstarter Discovery: JackSavior.

Going live on Kickstarter yesterday, JackSavior is a new innovation in audio plug technology, something that hasn’t changed since 1876 with the invention of the telephone and switchboard. JackSavior was invented by Bouwy Van Sambeek as an alternative to the old technology, by placing the solder points inside the plug itself, he’s able to produce a plug 5 times more durable and flexible than the standard plug.

Bouwy tried to sell his new invention to headphone companies around the world, but none were interested (Probably due the amount of money they make are repeat buyers, as the audio plug is usually the first thing to go on headphones).  So after getting a worldwide patent on JackSavior, he brought it to Kickstarter instead.  In less than 1 day, JackSavior has already been fully funded, and it still has 33 days to go.  The company has plans to create everything from connectors for cables you already use, up to high end over the ear headphones. (I happen to have backed at this reward level myself)  

So go on over to Kickstarter and check out this new tech, with so many devices using the standard audio cord, it’s nice to finally see some innovation in a problem that has be killing over headphones and audio cables for years.



Check it out on Kickstarter Here, and watch the video below for more information