Kickstarter Discovery: Ghost Theory – A Serious Take on Paranormal Research

This Weeks Kickstarter Discovery is Ghost Theory.

Ghost TheoryThe creators of this game are creating an open world sandbox of haunted locations, and it’s the players job to find the ghost and discover the stories.
Even thou, it’s a horror game,  the game is looking for more psychological trappings than jump scares, which in my personal opinion makes for a better game.

Ghost Theory’s developers are working on this single-player ghost-hunting adventure for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  Gameplay will focus on Stealth and exploration.

This Kickstarter is about half-way to it’s goal,  the game footage supplied so far looks like a serious good time.  
For as low as $14 bucks you can not only back this game, and help out the developers , but get a digital copy upon release.
Lets help these guys reach their goals, so we can have this gem available to us all later this year.

Follow the Link below to Help this Project out: