Jeff Kaplan Discusses Overwatch Competitve Play



Jeff Kaplan talks competitive play for Overwatch in a new Youtube video. He discusses how in the beta, the competitive season was only a month long, and will be changed to a three months on release, to match the seasons of the year. Also announced is the addition of skill rating and how it will be switched to MMR system from the tier system that they originally planned for. There will be individual skill and group skill rating, and the rating will be measured from 1 to 100.

The rewards for competitive play were announced as well, special player icons, custom sprays, and the changes to weapons, namely Golden Weapons. I personally love the whole cosmetic part of all Blizzard games, and its great that the rewards will be cosmetic in value and not a power boost.

Kaplan also made it clear that everyone would be kept up-to-date on changes and news coming in the future.