Is Quake Making a Return?

Quake 5?
With Bethesda’s recent success with the Doom franchise,  could we, or should we expect some other classic ID franchises to make a return.
From the look of a recent job posting Bethesda and ID recently published, we should.  There isn’t really much to go on here, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from tearing up this little bit of information.    If you go to the ZeniMax Careers website and select ID software you can check out the postings for yourself.
But here is a snip it from one of the job postings.
Could Doom be Returning?
As you can see the rumor mill has been fueled by one line of text in this posting “Legendary game properties like DOOM and QUAKE”

Does this give us any concrete evidence that Quake is making a return?  Well, no, but it does give us some hope, and it does give us some evidence that at least one of the older ID Software titles is making a comeback.  Doom and Wolfenstein both have released games fairly recently, so you’d think that would put them on the back-burner for a few years; and with Quake being the next biggest property in IDs arsenal, it actually is a good guess to believe this will be the next ID game to come out of the rejuvenated ID software under the guidance of Bethesda.

However, this is still all speculation,  this could end up being anything from the next Wolfenstein game to a new Heretic or Rage title, not that I’m against a new Heretic or Rage title, I actually would like to see both of these games make a comeback.  Although, most Wolfenstein and Heretic/Hexen games were developed by other developers with ID just publishing the titles,  however Rage was only a first party game developed directly in house by ID Software.

With all this said though, something is coming from ID Software, and it’s apparently being worked on now,  what will it be I can’t say for certain, but if a new Quake is on the horizon, I’ll be the first in line for it on release date.

Here’s some old school Quake gameplay for you, just to keep you chomping at the bit, until when or if ever we see a new Quake game.