How To Get Loot Without Really Trying!


Stylin’ and Profilin’!

So if you play World of Warcraft, or don’t, you may have heard that last Tuesday the 9th the Legion pre launch events went live, along with Demon Hunter access to those who preordered the game. So being that i’m going to main my DH in Legion, I made her and got quickly into the battle against the Burning Legion. The Demon Hunter starting zone is awesome a lot of fun to play through, even more so when you break out of the Vault of the Wardens when you are freed to assist in the defense of Azeroth. So as soon as I was clear of the Vault, hmm this sounds like Fallout, I immediately set off to Tanaris which was being assaulted by Legion forces.

After beating back waves of lesser demons, lieutenants, and commanders, the defenders of Azeroth fought against the Dreadlord General and slew him! Exciting! I got two loot chests and some Nethershards in the event, and soon set off for another invasion site! They run every four hours, and the amount active will increase each week till Legion launches. I soon helped stop another three invasions in the following hours, and got lots of cool gear, great transmog items if you like the Fel look, I hear its in this time of year.

So cut to this weekend, and i’ve done probably a good 12-16 invasions. And I’ve now got everything from transmog sets and weapons with max upgrades, the felbat pet with tons of shards to spare. And now its just boring, but being in the zone will give you the chest rewards regardless if you help or not, and if you aren’t max level, you get a decent chunk of experience on each stage completion. So I’ve just been slumming around the Barrens and Tarren Mill, am I in vanilla again? And collecting free gold drops and minimal shards, and leveling alts the laziest way I can.

It beats fishing I guess…


Overall I really like the pre Legion events, its fun and interactive, and at least more engaging than previous expansions. This isn’t factoring in the Dreadlord whispers in the main cities, where you can mess with people and then unleash the full might of the Burning Legion on them as you transform into a Dreadlord! Which only lasts a few minutes, but it is fun, and also hunting down the disguised Dreadlords for the new toy is fun as well.

I look forward to the launch, and I know the Dalaran quest will progress in the coming weeks as well, and on release night it will teleport to The Broken Shores. But in the mean time I think i’ll just go have a picnic.