GenCon 2016: Way Of The Dagon





As always the great crew over at Goodman Games always work diligently during GenCon to give their fans a wonder con experience this year was no exception. Every year Goodman Games will host tournament play over the duration of the con, then on Sunday they give out trophies and awards to the winners of its a true site to behold if you have never seen it.

So let me set the mood with a description from GenCons site the first tournament was described as such, With croaking voices and baying wails the children of Father Dagon bid all challengers welcome! Descend into the muck-dark deeps to spellduel against your fellow wizards for glory, lost treasures, and the title of Archmage! Many wizards may enter the sunken city, but only one will emerge as the Chosen of Dagon.” Now let’s move forward one year “The survivors of last year’s tournament pull themselves from the muck of the wine-dark seas. Some emerge as victors, others driven by revenge, and yet others re-animated by the hateful magic of Father Dagon. All are corrupted by his wicked caress and all bear his mark. Now they return one last time to assert their primacy before the foul Father … in a final spellduel to the death!”

I was lucky enough to catch up to the winner of the Way of the Dagon tournament. The champion spelldueller, Silas Moore and his father Joe Moore I asked for a small breakdown of the tournament and here is what we got.

“A mage enters the Dagon and fights with another mage until only one is left alive. It utilizes the DCC spell system and charts which go up to numbers of 30+ The only way to get above 20 of course is to have some modifiers.  In DCC you can Burn points from your physical statistics which would represent offerings in flesh, pain, exhaustion, etc.. to your deity.  Each point you burn  will be removed until months of rest can be acquired.  At that time the points would return.  In the Dagon, you choose a random character and have no idea what his stats will be.  You may have 10 points to SpellBurn you may have 20 points.  Anywho, you have to be wise with how to best use these points and mystical power to defeat your enemies”
“There are also charts for counter spells.  When 2 spells go off at the same time there can be catastrophic effects.  Sometimes one spell simply overpowers the other but on occasion, rifts can be opened into the nether and very nasty things may enter this world or both mages may be sucked from this world and into another.  “
We are happy to also report that” this year Silas was able to defeat 4 other wizards in duels to the death.  He was completely out of SpellBurn for the last 2 battles and was still victorious.”



Congratulations Silas Moore for taking home the Champions belt! Also special thanks to Joesph Moore, Silas’s father who took the time to help with the details of the article.