GenCon 2016: Spoils of War!

Was a pretty fun and busy weekend for the Geek Knight Crew, I don’t know how much walking I really did, but my feet hate me for it. So I did the rounds through the Exhibit Hall and posted a bunch of pictures of some of the booths I came across and went to. I’ll be doing more indepth articles later this week about the various experiences and activities during GenCon, but for now i’ll post some of the things I picked up



Not pictured is my Dungeon Crawl Classics hat that I got at the Goodman Games booth along with the sweet DCC Lunchbox, and modules. Also there I picked up a copy of Rat Snake, the dice game inspired by Fritz Leiber’s Lankhmar, I also managed to get a copy of the Free RPG Day Lankhmar Module as well. I also got a Bag of Holding Lunch Bag, which is pretty sweet, we received them when we picked up our Press Badges.

And like any good Warhammer Player, I decided to pickup some new models. I snagged a copy of Battletome Sylvaneth, The General’s Handbook, and Start Collecting Sylvaneth Boxset for 20% off at one of the miniature booths. Due to my busy schedule and some other things coming up I had to put a lot of my hobby time to limited, and couldn’t focus on building and painting, i’ve still got a Silver Tower to put together along with these, and will be doing more in the coming months now that Summer is ending.

I really enjoyed getting to experience GenCon as an attendee rather than a Vendor, the other years i’ve gone, i’ve always been on the other side of the booth.

Did you attend GenCon 2016 as well? What did you pickup while you were there, get any great deals? Leave a comment here or email us at or on twitter @geekknight