GenCon 2016 Impressions


I had a great time this year, and enjoyed the show immensely. It’s the first time for me going to GenCon and not working at a vendor’s booth, it’s my 6th time going. I figure i’d go over my thoughts on the whole event and what I like and didn’t like this year.

So the first thing the Geek Knight Crew did after getting their badges from the Press Room was head over to the exhibit hall to checkout the vendors, we lagged behind to avoid the mad rush that always happens when the hall opens, Saturday was very busy and is generally the busiest day i’ve found. We split up and went off to different corners of the hall, browsing and checking out the new games being demo’ed and vendor booths. After hitting the Troll and Toad booth to unload some sealed magic product, I went and browsed the used RPG and Warhammer Vendors, they are always worth hitting up and can find some great deals. I didn’t want to carry around more stuff than I already had so I scouted where to go the following day to do some purchases.

After looking at RPGs and Minis, I headed over and browsed the Soda Pop Minis booth as I do every year, they put out great products and actually have a video game coming to Steam this fall. One of the things I wanted to see this year was TCGPlayer’s booth, they were showcasing their new buylist and scanners that would allow people to quickly input their cards to their buylist. They were steadily busy with lots of people testing it out, and were steadily buying cards, they actually have a running total of cards purchased and total spent up on their screens in the center of the booth. Was pretty impressive setup and definitely something to keep an eye on. One thing I did notice this year was the vast increase in vendors purchasing magic cards, seemed like every isle had a few booths buying.

It was getting later in the day, so me and Roland headed over to the Delta Green Panel run by Arc Dream, we arrived late and sadly had to sit near the back of the room, and they were not supplied with mics or a speaker, so it was hard to hear most of what was being said. We were there for about an hour and a half, and overall it was a decent panel, and got to get some advice for running Delta Green games, and they did win two Ennies this year as well!

We soon ate and then hit the Goodman Games Panel, and got to hear about all the exciting new releases that will be coming out by them. XCrawl will be getting the DCC Conversion, which i’m stoked about, DCC Lankhmar will be getting a Kickstarter at the end of the year, and will be a boxset with maps, and the unveiling of their upcoming DCC set in Jack Vance’s Dying Earth. It’s pretty awesome that Goodman Games has acquired these two old school IPs for their games. I’m very excited for the Lankhmar Kickstarter, I love the books and have read most of them. Mutant Crawl Classics just finished their Kickstarter and will be released next year as well, I plan to get a copy since I was unable to afford the Kickstarter when it was live.

After that it was back to the hotel room for some much needed food and rest.

The next day we all got some breakfast with my family as they live in Indy, and then headed back into the maw of the beast! I spent most of today catching up with the booths that I wanted to purchase some stuff at, and hanging out at the Goodman Games booth for the raffle. I kept myself only spending roughly what I budgeted at, which at a convention is hard. Sunday was extremely busy, definitely the busiest I have ever seen it, and was often hard to get to places in a timely manner. That’s really my biggest complaint about GenCon is just how busy the isles get with people lurking at booths, or just randomly stopping in it and not giving much thought about where they are, or that feel that by simply saying “Excuse me” and plowing past you is cool, Pro Tip: It’s Not Cool.

One thing I was really impressed by this year was the cosplay. These guys won the costume contest, but when you think about it they were going to win from the start, for after all, The Emperor Protects.

Space Wolves

For Russ and The Emperor!

Next year will be the 50th Anniversary of GenCon, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do to commemorate it. Hope you enjoyed my rambling, check out our next podcast, we’ve had some technical difficulty this week ontop of a lot of personal stuff coming up and we have stuff recorded, just haven’t been able to upload it yet.