For the Love of Spock



So yesterday we got some pretty amazing news, Adam Nimoy son of Leonard Nimoy released the trailer for his documentary film entitled For The Love Of Spock. Adam had embarked on this over a year ago and received a lot of funding on KickStarter. Adam presented the idea of the documentary to his father and Leonard was all in when presented with the idea, sadly three months after that Leonard had passed away.

Leonard Nimoy played a huge part of my childhood. I as a child felt like an outcast due to my obvious love of Science Fiction, so I really identified with Spock as an outcast due to his half Vulcan half  Human blood. I watched the trailer today, and I will be getting a copy as soon as it comes out.The movie is set to come out September the 9th. it can be ordered here and can be streamed on the net that day. But enough is enough just watch this trailer and be amazed, and try not to shed a tear.