First Image of New Samurai Jack Revealed

Samurai Jack Logo
Cartoonbrew revealed the first image of the new Samurai Jack series (See Image Below), which appears to show a much darker & bloodier Jack than the previous incarnation. The first image made it’s debut at the Annecy Animated Film Festivial this week.   Adult swim announced the new Samurai Jack back at their December 2015 Announcement.  At the time all we got was a 5 second teaser (See Teaser Below), and that didn’t really give us much information.   Up until this point, both the creator Gennady Tartakovsky and Adult Swim has been pretty hush hush about the show.

First Image of New Samurai Jack Series Revealed.

It’s been 11 years since Jack ended it highly praised run, and fans have been hamming at the bit for more Jack since that time.  Now with new Samurai Jack expected to air sometime this year, and this bit of information being revealed, maybe well get a released date soon.