Fallout 4: Far Habor DLC is out and It’s Big, Real Big

Far Harbor has arrived, or maybe I should say we have arrived at Far Harbor, as that would be more appropriate for the game itself.
Fallout 4’s 3rd DLC became available yesterday May 19th, and now that I’ve had a few hours to explore, I thought I’d give my initial impressions of the DLC.

First off Bethesda did not lie, Far Harbor is Big, it’s Real BIG, and has lots to explore.  The map itself is around 1/4 to 1/3 the size the Commonwealth map.  Which is probably why this DLC commands such a high price.  It’s basically a whole new Fallout Game in itself.   This new island is quite a bit different than the Commonwealth as well,  the lingering fog on the island gives this place a much creepier feel than anywhere I’ve visited in the Commonwealth previously. It also gives it a fresh feel,  just when I was thinking I had seen it all, and fought it all, new monsters and new types of raiders decent from the fog to increase my tensions, something that hasn’t really occurred to me in the past 100 hours of or so of Fallout 4 play.

While so far my level 75 character hasn’t really had any epic battles as of yet, the level of difficultly to the new opponents does seem increased from the normal Commonwealth map.  Nothing too hard, but it does appear to take a couple more shots to put even the lowest enemy down in Far Harbor.

The biggest change in Far Harbor is the fog, it’s radioactive, so just your normal exploring, you taking allot of Rads in at all times.  So if your going to explore Far Harbor, either suit up with radiation protection, or have some extra RAD X and RADAWAY on hand.

Anyway, as I’m only slightly into the DLC, and I don’t want to give away any spoilers, I’ll wait a few weeks to give my final thoughts on this DLC Pack.
But as it currently, I think I’m going to enjoy one more outing into the wasteland.