Ex-Homeless Musician Shows us the Unknown Face of the Homeless in America.

While, normally Geekknight is devoted to all things geek; I recently read the story of Old Man Saxon, and felt I needed to share it.

Old Man Saxon was homeless for 16 months, living out of his Ford Explorer, and after struggling as best he could; finally pulled himself out of the situation, and started building a music career for himself. Recently he released a music video for his new Song “The Perils”, giving inside information on the homeless situation as he experienced it, and saw others living in it each day.

Here is a quote from him about the song and the situation he lived in, he can tell it much better than I.

“My name is Old Man Saxon. I am a writer/musician in Los Angeles, CA. I recently spent a year living out the back of my 2001 ford explorer. I worked hard every single day and yet barely had enough money to get by. I showered at gyms and ate happy meals. I truly never expected my life to get so fucked up. However, now that I have saved enough to get out of this situation I want to show the world the new face of homelessness. It’s not the “obvious” face of homelessness that most would think of. I saw so many young, educated, healthy people that simply could not afford a place to stay. Please take 4 minutes of your time and click the link above. Thank you”

You Can check out his Facebook Page here visit him on the web here and check out the music video for The Perils below. It’s worth your time.