E3 Call of Cthulhu Trailer

So the official E3 trailer for Call of Cthulhu is now out, I’ve been a long time fan of Cthulhu, having played the tabletop RPG for years, and have been reading H.P. Lovecraft’s stories since I was a kid. The trailer definitely captures the creepy and uneasy vibe that an investigator would experience in confronting The Mythos.

One of the core things in the Call of Cthulhu setting and lore is that ultimately humanity and civilization as we know it will fall, but yet men and women still stand against the sinister plots and unspeakable horrors of this world and beyond, many go insane or killed by the very horrors they seek to stop. But they still fight against impossible odds, in the Call of Cthulhu rulebook that used the d20 System there’s a passage in it that has always stuck with me.

“Some heroes fight the impossible, fighting for the sake of today. They have people they care about, and they know they must take on this challenge to keep those they love from harm. What does it matter if the world is going to end? Today remains, and today is worth fighting for. Even if the planet is doomed there is a life to save right now, a wrong to redress, a hideous agenda to thwart. A small victory is still a victory, and there’s no reason to go down without a fight.”

I think the investigator’s words at the end of the trailer really captures that, I look forward to this coming out and am definitely going to pick it up. I also fully recommend H.P. Lovecraft’s stories, along with other Mythos authors, such as Robert E. Howard (Creator of Conan the Barbarian, and Solomon Kane), and August Derleth.