DOOM The Original Outlaw.




So with all the hype due to the release of the new DOOM, I thought we should take a trip back to the early 90s. Back when I was a young teenager, the internet and modern day first person shooters were still in their infancy . I can recall hours spent on computers in my local high school, browsing DOS directories and finding DOOM and or DOOM II, Oh the excitement and joy when you stumbled upon one of these games in the school directory was unparalleled.

DOOM I and II werean amazing set of games for their time, and  it came under a lot of scrutiny from the legal system for being too violent. Some of the people that worked on the game were also scrutinized as well.  One such gentleman was Bobby Prince, Bobby was the composer for the games. All the gritty metal and thrash you hear though out the games is thanks to Bobby. Mr Prince came under fire due to a lot of the songs on the soundtrack sounding like copies of other famous rock/ metal songs from the time. For example Slayers’ South of Heaven and the Doom track Shawn’s got the shotgun are shockingly similar, same can be said for the Doom track E2M1 is almost a direct copy of AC/DC Big Gun.

In 2007  John Romero another programmer that worked on DOOM I and II listed unused DOOM tracks, some were just older versions of existing tracks with a lot of similarities and some copy righted stuff. Fortunately no legal action was taken against Id . Here is a link to some of those unused tracks. Enjoy.