Demon Hunters Early Access!


So earlier today Demon Hunters and the Legion Invasion events went live, you can only access the Demon Hunter if you preordered Legion, but the Invasions are open to everyone. I plan on playing Demon Hunter as my main throughout the expansion, I love their lore and Illidan is my favorite character from the Warcraft line. So far they are pretty enjoyable, I sadly miss the better gear that is on my Death Knight, the lack of Leech makes me sad. And only access to two talents is kind of rough at the moment, but once Legion goes live it won’t be that big of an issue.


The events are fairly entertaining, the Legion ships bombard areas of Azeroth and send their army against selected areas, its a quick and easy way to get some decent transmog and gear right before the expansion goes live, along with a pet and toy.WoWScrnShot_080916_190241

I’ll go more indepth with a review next week once i’ve had more time to play them.