Dawn of War III: The Emperor Protects .



Since the announcement of Dawn of War III the net has been ablaze with news of the game and what will and maybe. So far what we know is that it will offer the ability to have an actual army size force under your command. It seems that Relic wants to go back to the large size battles that you could wage in the first Dawn of War,  this has in turn made the models on the screen have less detailing, this is also to help show off some of the paint jobs much like its table top counterpart, and will make battles easier to read whats going on.  It is being boasted as the biggest RTS that Relic has had yet to date.

Also it looks like the base building aspects of Dawn of War is back being able to produce worker units and manage resources. I for one will be happy to have this option back in the game since I personally believe this adds a cretin level of strategy to the game. Not only will you have the ability to create tact squads and devastator squads and terminators you will have dreadnoughts and drop pods again.

This time around cover seems to pay a roll like it always had in the games before it. But this time it looks like its much simpler than in Dawn of War 2  as being a clear and counter cover system similar to that of the first game of the franchise. Which should add more strategic role  to the games now since I would imagine cretin ground units like heavy weapons teams will benefit greatly from cover and make assault marines very useful in getting close up to those units with the aid of their jump packs.

Elite units will also play a part in this new game. It seems the Space Marines will have a returning  hero Gabriel Angelos.  The other races will have other hero units as well, I would imagine that the Eldar will have a Farseer, the Orks will have a Warboss. As well as other elite units can be units such a Assault Terminator squad. Through out the game you will upgrade your elite unit with wargear and upgrades and a level up system.

Finally the big boys the “Super units” The Imperial Knight and the Wraithknights are going to be some of the biggest models Relic has ever made. As we seen the Knights charge into battle with the Wraithknights in the announcement trailer. The Imperial Knights seem to have some devastating fire power in the field, using a  gatling cannon attack that can deal massive damage to a forward arc. It can also use a bombardment missile attack individually placed, allowing you to scatter damage or focus in on one high-value target.

So in conclusion I must say that I for one am very excited for this squeal and The Emperor Protects!



View the Official Dawn of War III Trailer Here: