Dan Aykroyd Praises Ghostbusters Reboot, But Will That Stem The Rage?

So amidst all of the negative responses and general dislike of the trailers of the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, Dan Aykroyd has come out as praising the film. Which i’m sure will get people’s attention.

The reboot has gotten a lot of attention late, many people decry it for “Ruining their Childhoods” and others insist that those not liking the trailers and movie are simply doing it because of the all female cast.  I personally think most people who are upset at the film are simply mad that it’s taken decades to get a new Ghostbusters, and with Harold Ramis passing away, we are unable to get the original cast back together for one last film. I also find the actresses staring in the reboot to be extremely funny, Leslie Jones cracks me up on SNL. and I expect them to all give a great comedic performance in the movie. As for me personally seeing the movie? Doubtful in theaters, but I’m not an avid movie goer in general.

Now granted we do know that if someone asks you if you’re a God, you say yes. Is this a similar question the studio is asking Dan Aykroyd to help get some positive light shown on the film? Time will tell.