Criss Angel and Dee Snider Collaborate on Acoustic Verision of “We’re Not Going to Take it” for Cancer Research.

Criss Angel’s young son was diagnosed with cancer last year, and luckily for Angel’s family, his cancer went into remission and the outlook looks promising.  Criss Angel saw 
a world he had never experienced before, even in his magic, a world of child survivors and fighters living with cancer.   He’s now dedicated himself to helping others like his son put up the good fight against cancer.  Recently he called upon Dee Snider to redo his hit Twisted Sister song from the 80’s to help get more funding for cancer research.  Criss Angel directs this powerful acoustic version of “We’re Not Going to Take It”, and while the song was originally about rebellion, fighting the system, and speaking your mind, it feels right at home in this environment, and gives off a very powerful and emotional response.

Criss Angel’s foundation HELP! is seeking donation and funding to help fight childhood cancer, promising that 100% of all donations and collections will go directly to fund pediatric cancer research.  On September 12th the Criss Angel theater is Las Vegas will host celebrity performances and a charity auction (of course Dee Snider will be there as well).  You can make a donation or bid on items at

Also, check out the video below.